About Us

My name is Laurie O’Nion – I am the founder and CEO of Kiddologic.

My previous profession, prior to being a mom and entrepreneur, was as a wildlife biologist.  When my first kiddo was born, I joyfully traded my backpack for a diaper bag to become a full time mom.  I was indescribably happy and grateful to become a mom.

When my baby was 6 months old and transitioning into solids, I quickly realized the need for a better bib. I tried many of the options available, and found that conventional bibs and so-called ‘full coverage bibs’ on the market didn’t provide true protection of my baby’s clothes and were lacking in comfort, ease of use, quality, and style. I started my company to pursue the development of the bibit-all™ – in order to fill those gaps and that need both personally and in the market, and to create a job that I could do primarily from home with my little guy.

I poured all my research skills into learning, planning, and implementing the many ‘moving parts’ of the business that were necessary to take my product to market. I didn’t have a business background, but I had always been a problem solver with an innovative nature—necessary qualities in a mom and in an entrepreneur. I had the willingness to learn anything and the determination, passion, and follow-through to make it happen.

Today, the bibit-all™ is an award winning product available in stores across the country. And I now have two wonderful kiddos – who are my CIOs (Chief Inspirational Officers) at Kiddologic.

Both are dreams come true.

Kiddologic’s mission is to offer “the best of basics” – products that are smart, practical, and fashionable solutions to the universal challenges of parenthood. My focus is on improving the most essential baby care items that parents use every day.  Thank you for allowing Kiddologic to be part of your journey of parenthood!