Everything Mommyhood Blog Loves the bibit-all™! February 27 2014

Everything Mommyhood Blog Loves the bibit-all™!

The bibit-all™ was featured by Everything Mommyhood’s Darci Bean. She raved, “I love how it covers all of my daughter’s shirt, along with the fact that it’s waterproof, which means anything that’s spilled on it, won’t leak through to the clothes underneath. The high collar on it is also great for catching anything that drips down from my daughter’s mouth too. It’s so easy for her to put on and take off, that she actually does it herself. It’s very comfortable, nice and soft, and is made with great quality. It’s a product that will last for awhile around our house! We use this for every single meal in our home, and it’s a product that I highly recommend to all of my mommy friends or soon to be mommy friends.”